Rolex Submariner D I W Edition Orange Dial and Ceramic Ring Watch

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Rolex Submariner D I W Edition Orange Dial and Ceramic Ring Watch.
Design Individual Manufacture was founded by 2 passionate artists and with its headquarters based in Germany, able to work worldwide as well. It all started with the concept of high-end customization of personal devices, later getting into the incredible world of traditional watchmaking. Thanks to a team of the best craftsmen, it was possible to achieve new technological breakthrough working with high-end composite materials.
A meticulous approach combined with the passion to create new incredible designs led into the gathering of the perfect team. By mastering the Art of working with high-end composite materials, such as carbon fiber, it was possible to re-recreate iconic timepieces and day-to-day devices into incredible pieces of Art.
Innovation is a crucial aspect of our Manufacture, as we continuously keep improving and launching new projects. In order to work with innovative materials, it is necessary to have a certain background in the area we work with, thus for the watchmaking sphere we gathered only the best professionals that keep very rigorous R&D procedures for upcoming projects.
What becomes the essence of a project is based on which particular materials we use. As a Bespoke Manufacture, we specialize in high-end composite materials, however, its combination with traditional noble metals and gems allows us to craft pieces rarely ever seen before. It is crucial for us to keep only the highest standards in the materials we use to provide the best possible experience.
The best part of the manufacturing process, is the idea and design. What many years ago was believed to be impossible, it is now achievable. One of the most important properties of carbon fiber is its weight. Thanks to the incredible thin layers of carbon, the weight is over 5 times less than stainless steel. Moreover, carbon fiber is incredible resistant as well. We aimed into the creation of a high-end timepiece the should be wearable, light and reliable. The Art of customization taken into a new level.





Gender Men
Model – Rolex D i w Edition
Dial Size – 42 mm
Water Resistant
Working Time & 12 hour
Stainless Steel body
Exclusive Orange Dial
Orange Ceramic Ring
Smart fit Silver strap
3 point adjustment strap
Original Branding on strap & dial
Screw down branding lock
Heavy Premium Automatic machinery

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